Propane cylinder safety reminders

Spring is on its way to Iowa, and soon it will be time to fire up the propane grill and get cooking! Just remember to handle your propane cylinders safely. Here are some reminders for how to do it:

Propane cylinder handling and filling

Propane cylinder

Propane cylinder transportation

  • Disconnect cylinders and close and cap all valves before transporting.
  • Always carry the cylinder in an upright position (with the safety valve on top).
  • Never leave a propane cylinder in a closed vehicle; heat builds up quickly and could cause an explosive release of propane in the vehicle.
  • Secure the propane cylinder in an upright position while you are driving.
  • Never smoke while handling a propane cylinder.

Propane cylinder use

  • Inspect the propane cylinder before each use
  • Make sure the propane cylinder is properly seated on the barbecue.
  • Check hoses for leaks at the beginning of the season using a water and soap solution (look for bubbles in the line); if you find a leak, replace the hose.
  • Always keep cylinders away from open flames.

Propane cylinder storage

  • Keep cylinders outside, upright and on a base that will not burn.
  • Close the cylinder valve tightly, even when empty.
  • Always protect the cylinder valve.
  • Store propane cylinders away from open flame or heat.
  • Keep all propane valves capped or plugged.

For safe, reliable propane bottle refills and propane cylinder recertification, trust the pros at Pelgas. Contact us today if you have any questions about propane cylinders or propane cylinder safety in our Southwest Iowa service area.