Propane: the Earth-friendly fuel for your Southwest Iowa farm

Happy Earth Day

Forty-nine years ago this month, Senator Gaylord Nelson ushered in the first annual Earth Day – an event designed to inspire a new generation of ideas to preserve and protect our planet.

Of course, farmers have been pretty good at that job for a while, with a whole bag of tricks for getting sustainable production from their land and greenhouses. In recent years, one the best of those tricks has been using more propane – a reliable, clean-burning energy source whose versatility makes is an almost perfect fuel for any agribusiness.

When it comes to Earth friendliness, propane scores big: it burns cleaner than gasoline or diesel, which makes it one of the most efficient ways to power everything from irrigation systems and grain dryers to space heaters (or even pheasant hatching barns, apparently).

Propane will also lower your farm’s carbon emissions, which helps the planet and could even help your bottom line, thanks to incentives from the Propane Education and Research Council. Using clean, green propane can also open doors by helping you promote your eco-friendly management practices.

More propane benefits

If protecting the planet isn’t enough incentive for finding more ways to incorporate propane use on your farm, consider these other great propane benefits:

  • Cost savings – Propane is significantly less expensive than gas or diesel fuel, and propane-powered engines cost far less to purchase and repair than their diesel counterparts.
  • Fuel security – Propane is used in a closed-end fueling system, which virtually eliminates loss from theft and spillage.
  • Flexible power – Propane engines offer flexible power so you can irrigate with your motor running at any RPM*.
  • No pooling – If you spill propane, it evaporates without contaminating soil or water.

The bottom line

Whether you use it to power equipment used for irrigation, crop drying, fruit ripening, water heating, power backup or refrigeration, one thing is certain: when it comes to powering your farm, propane delivers – for you, and for the planet.

What can propane do for your agribusiness? Contact Pelgas today to find out.

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