Propane Summer Upgrades for Your Southwest Iowa Home

Family at home

There’s still six weeks of summer 2019 to enjoy – and with this great season come some of the best ways to use clean, green propane gas both inside and outside your Southwest Iowa home.

Propane can help you get the most out of your summer by:

  • Keeping your family and home safe – Severe summer weather can create dangerous power outages – but a whole house propane generator will keep your emergency equipment running, your food fresh, and your family safe and comfortable.
  • Powering an outdoor kitchen – Your outdoor cooking space – complete with a propane gas grill and patio heater – will quickly become the most popular place to entertain family and guests.
  • Giving you a warm place to swim and relax – Swim earlier and later in the season with the help of a propane-fired pool heater – or simply kick back and relax in your propane-heated hot tub.
  • Giving you an evening by the fire under the stars – Imagine stargazing by the fire in your own back yard – all at the touch of a button. With a propane outdoor fire pit or fire table, you’ll get the camping experience at home – without the hassle of wood fire set up or cleanup.
  • Keeping the pests at bay – Mosquitos can really take a bite out of summer fun – as can the smell of (mostly ineffective) mosquito repellant and chemical-laden candles and traps. A propane mosquito trap will keep those blood-sucking pests at bay without the harsh smells – or those awful zapping sounds.
  • Setting the mood – Imagine an outdoor space lit by torchlight – and without all those wires and annoying electrical buzzing. Stylish propane outdoor lights can burn for just a few cents an hour, providing a flickering flame to set the mood in your back yard.

However you choose to use your propane, make sure you get your propane deliveries and other propane services from Southwest Iowa’s most reliable propane experts: Pelgas. Contact us today to learn more!