Propane: The Perfect Fuel For Your Farm

best fuel for a farm propane southwest iowa

Spring is almost here – which means that activity is about to pick up at your southwest Iowa farm. While there are many tools that can help with planting and seeding, one stands above the rest when it comes to versatility: propane gas.

How can propane help your farm or agribusiness have a more fruitful year?

Seven ways propane helps out on the farm:

  1. Heating livestock pens – Keeping livestock safe and warm through the cool late winter and spring nights can be challenging. Using propane heaters in farm buildings – especially chicken coops that house temperature-sensitive baby chicks – can be an especially effective solution.
  2. Heating water – Propane water heaters provide a cost-effective and reliable source of warm water to clean and disinfect dairy and milking equipment.
  3. Drying crops – Today’s continuous flow propane grain dryers were designed to meet the needs of modern fast-paced, high-yield operations. Not only are they up to 50 percent more efficient, their clean-burning technology produces fewer engine deposits. That’s less maintenance for you, and less downtime for your equipment.
  4. Propane flame tilling – Torching weeds with propane can be a non-toxic and effective way to control unwanted invasive species –it breaks down plant material, making the soil even more rich and healthy.
  5. Propane irrigation engines – Less expensive to install and maintain than their gasoline counterparts, propane irrigation engines also typically have larger fuel storage capacity – which means they can run longer between refills.
  6. Propane emergency generators – Propane backup generators keep animals safe and warm and help keep produce fresh. They’re also cheaper to run per gallon than diesel powered generators and require less maintenance.
  7. Propane forkliftsPropane-powered forklifts can be used to pack trucks, lift heavy boxes, and transport everything from animal feed to hay bales. Unlike some electric forklifts, propane models can be used in wet and dry conditions, and they last longer and emit fewer harmful gases when operated than gas-powered forklifts.

Need propane for your southwestern Iowa farm this spring planting season? Pelgas can help! We offer convenient propane bulk delivery to farms of all sizes, along with convenient payment plans to help keep your fuel costs manageable. Contact us today to learn more about commercial propane delivery in southwest Iowa for your farm or agribusiness!