Propane Autogas To Power A School Fleet

Lesson Learned: schools are turning to other bulk-fueling options

propane autogas for school fleet iowa

Want proof that propane Autogas is the smart choice for a small- to mid-sized fleet hauling precious cargo? Look no further than the yellow school buses of our nation’s – and southwest Iowa’s – public schools.

Since 2012, the registration of propane Autogas vehicles to school bus fleets has risen more than 700 percent, according the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) – far more than any other fuel alternative. Today, nearly one million students in school districts across the country get to school in a bus powered by Autogas – a testament to the safety, reliability, cost effectiveness, and eco-performance of propane as a vehicle fuel.

Three reasons to choose propane to power your school bus fleet

Why choose to upgrade your school fleet to run on propane Autogas? Here are three great reasons:

  1. It’s cleaner – With traditional school buses, young students often encounter a harmful cloud of diesel smoke and cancer-causing particles coming from bus exhaust that also aggravates asthma and other breathing issues. Propane drastically reduces harmful emissions, including particulate matter.
  2. It saves money – The extra components required to help diesel engines achieve healthy emission standards are expensive – and so is the fuel itself. Propane typically costs less per gallon than diesel and doesn’t require any additional equipment to burn cleaner. What will you do for your school with the money you save with propane?
  3. It’s quieter – Propane engines operate noticeably quieter than diesel, which has a significant impact on students’ safety and stress levels.

Pelgas: Your source for propane Autogas in Southwest Iowa

Interested in powering your bus fleet or light- to medium-duty delivery fleet with propane? Pelgas can help. We have the propane supply and the bulk-fueling resources you need for your Autogas vehicle fleet, and we can reliably deliver bulk quantity propane for on-site fueling at your location.

Contact Pelgas today to learn more about the benefits of propane Autogas and propane Autogas services in southwest IA!