Propane Energy Benefits – An Eco-Friendly Source

Propane Energy Benefits iowa

You probably know that propane can power just about any equipment you use in your Southwest Iowa-area home, farm, or business – but did you know it was one of the most eco-friendly fuels around, too?

Three ways propane is environmentally friendly

Here are three big reasons why using propane benefits the environment, especially when compared to energy alternatives:

  1. It’s more efficient – Manufacturers of electric-powered appliances often tout their efficiency, but they don’t take into account a much bigger efficiency issue: the energy lost bringing electricity to your home. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, nearly two-thirds of electricity generated at most power plants is lost between the plant and the consumer. Propane gas, on the other hand, is a primary heat source that generates energy on the spot, with no loss along the way.

    Propane-powered appliances are usually more efficient than electric models of similar size and output, too. A tankless propane water heater, for example, can save up to 50 percent on energy costs compared to electric systems, according to the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC). Less energy used equals less environmental impact.

  2. It reduces emissionsPropane gas emits less than half the greenhouse gas emissions of electricity to produce the same amount of energy, and it has a lower carbon content than fuel oil, gasoline, diesel, kerosene and ethanol – two big reasons why it was added to the Clean Air Act as a clean fuel in 1990.
  3. It increases equipment life – Cleaner fuel also means fewer deposits on heat exchangers, which prolongs the life of your equipment and means less heating maintenance. Longer life for your equipment means fewer propane appliances in the landfill.

As you can see, propane is one of the greenest fuels around – along with being one of the most effective, efficient, and versatile sources of home energy!

If you’re in the market for a fuel for your new home, or converting an older home to a new and more versatile source of energy, propane is a great choice – and if you need a reliable propane supplier anywhere in our service area, Pelgas is the choice.

Propane – the clean, green fuel alternative for your home, farm, or business! Contact Pelgas today to learn more about making the switch.