Propane Safety Reminders For Heating Season

Propane safety iowa

If you use propane gas in your Southwest Iowa home, you probably know it’s one of the safest and most efficient sources of energy available today.

But just because it’s safe doesn’t mean you don’t need to take care when using it – or that you don’t need to be prepared for potential issues, particularly when severe weather is forecast.

As we head toward heating season and the storms it may bring, here are seven propane safety reminders to consider.

  1. Teach your family how to recognize the rotten egg smell of a propane leak – and what they need to do if they smell it.
  2. Know how to shut off your propane supply at the tank in the event of a leak. If you’re not sure how to do that, contact us.
  3. Do not use outdoor propane equipment (outdoor grills, etc.) inside, and never store propane cylinders indoors. Always store propane tanks vertically – never on their sides.
  4. Install carbon monoxide (CO) detectors in your home, following the manufacturer’s installation recommendations. We also highly recommend installing propane leak detectors.
  5. Know how to spot the symptoms of CO poisoning, and what to do if someone experiences them.
  6. If severe weather is forecast:
    • Prepare. Make sure you have enough propane to last at least a week after the storm in case there are issues with accessing your tank or house; if you don’t have enough propane, schedule a delivery as soon as possible.
    • Listen. Monitor local media and listen to authorities for instructions on the appropriate course of action to follow.
    • Clean up. After a storm, clear debris from vents, chimneys, and flues to reduce the risk of CO poisoning.
  7. If you suspect that any of your propane appliances have been damaged, contact us to inspect the equipment before you use it again.
  8. Remember, if you shut down your gas supply, the law requires you to contact a licensed professional to restart you system.

Have any other propane safety questions? Just ask! At Pelgas, your safety is always our number one priority. Contact us today for safe, reliable propane deliveries in Southwest Iowa!