Propane Can Help Your Business Save Money

propane for business iowaPropane gas is one of the smartest and most versatile ways to power equipment in your southwest Iowa home – but those great benefits aren’t limited to the place where you live.

Because propane burns hot and clean, well-designed commercial appliances can achieve efficiency ratings that reach well into the 90s (some commercial propane water heaters and furnaces can reach 98 percent efficiency).

What Appliances Use Propane?

With that kind of performance, opting for propane is a great way to improve your business’ bottom line. Consider these propane appliance benefits:

  • Furnaces – A propane gas furnace heats air to about 130 – 140 degrees, working intensely for short bursts to minimize operating costs. By contrast, electric heat pumps produce air that feels cool to the touch; on cold Iowa days and nights, a heat pump relies on its onboard electric heat backup to keep pace with the weather. Once that backup system kicks in, the most compelling selling point of a heat pump – its efficiency – disappears.
  • Space heaters – High-efficiency propane space heaters send targeted, high-efficiency zone heating to your workspace, so you won’t have to rely as much on your primary commercial furnace or boiler.
  • Water heating – A propane water heater can deliver hot water at 40 percent the cost of an electric water heater – or even less if you use a tankless system.

Propane: Great For Commercial Operations, Too

Propane is not just for your office space, either. In factories and warehouses, propane forklifts can operate indoors and out, while agribusiness owners can use propane to power just about any equipment on their farm.

Restaurants and commercial kitchens can use propane to cook quality food in large quantities – and if you’re a fleet manager, you probably already know the many advantages of propane autogas over gasoline and other alternative fuels.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to efficiently powering your office appliances and commercial equipment, propane delivers – especially when compared to electricity. Contact Pelgas today to learn what propane can do for your business!

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