Propane for Landscaping: What You Need to Know

Reshaping the landscaping industry with propane equipment

convert mower to propane iowa

The thought of using landscaping equipment that doesn’t require gasoline power was once a futuristic dream, but the time for greener landscaping fuel has arrived – the future is now! Many of our southwest Iowa customers are surprised to learn just how versatile propane can be when it comes to landscaping. Whether you are caring for your residential, commercial, or agricultural land, the energy experts at Pelgas are ready to help you consider how propane can work for you.

Going green with propane landscaping is easy and efficient

The greener alternative to gasoline or electric-powered landscaping equipment, such as lawnmowers, trucks and trimmers, used to mean sacrificing efficiency. But these days, going eco-friendly with your lawn care needn’t involve clearing your whole weekend to take a manual push-mower to your yard or study up on old-timey farm equipment of bygone days! In the same vein, electric equipment keeps you tethered to a power source, and extension cords only go so far. Propane gives you portable power, whenever and wherever you need it.

Propane can save you time and money

The good news is that propane is a green fuel that makes landscaping easy and energy-efficient, too. It’s cheaper, requires less maintenance, and refueling is easy. We can help you convert your existing gasoline-powered mower to Propane Autogas—an environmentally friendly, cost-efficient fuel. It’s more affordable than you think—and it will save you money on fuel expenses in the long run.

Propane is more eco-friendly than other fuels

Propane is a great choice for environmentally-conscious customers, since it won’t degrade over time, and doesn’t contaminate soil or water like gasoline or diesel. If your landscaping work is commercial, your own clients who want to reduce their carbon footprints may be excited about your switching to propane for environmental reasons.

Knowledge is “power” when it comes to propane versatility

Propane solutions are available for almost every type of landscaping project, but not every lawn care company is familiar with the newest technologies available in landscaping tools. Our fuel experts are excited to introduce you to all the ways you can save time and money on your landscaping efforts, all while protecting the environment.

Pelgas puts your landscaping woes to rest with propane

Landscaping doesn’t have to be an expensive hassle. Reach out to our propane experts at Pelgas to learn more about going green – and saving green – with your southwest Iowa landscaping projects. Please contact us today to ask about convenient propane delivery—and convenient cylinder refills.