Buying a Home With Propane Heat? What You Should Know

An Investment in your New Home’s Future – Paid for by the Former Owner!

propane delivery iowaMaybe you set out to buy a home with a green fuel source to save money on energy bills, or perhaps your familiarity with propane begins and ends with your backyard grill. Either way, you’re in luck! Finding a home with propane heat is a rare gem, and a great opportunity. It’s even better when you don’t have to worry about converting your current system for a propane heating setup – though the process is typically pretty simple, and just requires retrofitting a home’s gas line or furnace.

With your new home’s propane heating system already in place, you’re ready to stay warm and comfortable this southwestern Iowa winter, while saving money and helping the environment. Learn more below about how propane heating can benefit homebuyers, and what questions to ask during the home-buying process.

Propane is a versatile, energy-efficient green heating source

Propane can be used to heat your entire new home, and can power all sorts of appliances, from the stove to the dryer to the water heater.

Natural, nontoxic propane emits significantly fewer greenhouse gases than other heating sources. For this reason, it is a great choice for environmentally-friendly homebuyers.

Propane also creates greater warmth than electric heat, and thus requires less energy to produce the same output as an electric heater. Less energy expended means less money spent!

You can rely on propane

Complete electrification leaves you totally dependent on the electric company and infrastructure. The propane supply in your tank, however, isn’t going anywhere. With a backup generator on hand in case of emergency, your propane heating system can keep going strong, no matter how long it takes to get the electric grid up and running again.

Choose what’s right for you

Even though the previous homeowner selected the propane heating system in place in your new home, you aren’t married to their choices. You can select your own propane supplier, and make decisions about the propane tank on your new property. Below are some considerations:

  • Who owns the propane tank – is it rented, or does ownership transfer with the purchase of the home?
  • Which company supplies and delivers the propane? Do you want to stick with this company, or choose another to service your tank?
  • Do you like the placement of your propane tank on your property? Do you prefer above ground or underground?
  • How old is the propane system? Is it due for an upgrade? With new technological advances, there are more options available now than ever before.

Family-owned Pelgas is southwest Iowa’s preferred propane supplier

Whether you’re weighing your options or have already purchased your new home, our friendly staff is ready to talk to you today about how propane can help you live your best life. Pelgas develops strong relationships with our propane suppliers, which helps us secure fair prices and a steady supply of propane for our customers. Give us a call to let us know about the propane system at your new or prospective home, and we’ll walk you through your options.