What Are the Benefits of Renewable Propane?

The Future of Eco-friendly, Renewable Propane

clean energy iowaPropane is already considered a fairly green fuel. It has a smaller carbon footprint and doesn’t let off the harmful emissions than other forms of fuel can emit into the environment. But did you know that propane has recently gotten an even “greener” facelift, so-to-speak? Renewable propane is new on the green scene, and it’s already making a big splash with all the advantages it offers. Read on to learn more about how renewable propane can meet your energy needs, while being more eco-friendly than ever.

Clean Energy Is Our Future

The Renewable Propane Alliance labels renewable propane as a critical component of America’s energy future. Analysts peg renewable propane as part of the solution to climate change, with it serving as the clean energy the world needs as we transition to net-zero carbon emissions in the coming decade.

Renewable propane makes that possible with its blended makeup of various waste residues and sustainably sourced materials — including agricultural waste products, cooking oil, and meat fats — rather than fossil fuels like natural gas, according to the Propane Education & Research Council.

Renewable Propane’s Abundant Advantages

It’s no exaggeration to say that the full potential for renewable propane is hard to conceive of at the moment – after all, cleaner energy promotes innovation, and when that source of clean power is renewable, the energy can be harnessed exponentially. Just as the tip of the iceberg, renewable propane is expected to:

  • Boost the economy: With the innovation, new development, and increased capabilities that clean, renewable propane can bring, comes the potential for new jobs, new technologies, and entirely new industries. This is a particularly strong opportunity in production and distribution during this critical transition.
  • Create new opportunities and connections: Renewable propane presents an opportunity for the creation of a network of producers throughout the country. Renewable propane also offers new opportunities for building off-grid solutions—these include propane and solar panels, and batteries as well.
  • Retain and gain momentum: Renewable propane is already picking up speed across the country, with some states like California already on track to switch to 100% renewable propane by 2024 for its transportation sector, and by 2030 for all other industries. People and businesses are paying lots of attention to renewable propane; from the agricultural and construction industries, to commercial giants, to school districts, small businesses, and individual homeowners – renewable propane is on their radar.
  • Make strides in the form of propane autogas: Renewable propane is already hard at work in the world of propane-fueled engines, with a blend that’s 30% renewable. Useful for first responders, public transportation, school buses and beyond, propane autogas produces far fewer emissions than other fuels.
  • Support and facilitate other forms of renewable, green power: Renewable propane will be a strong, emissions-saving complement to solar and wind power.

Pelgas—Southwest Iowa’s Preferred Propane Supplier

Propane is growing in popularity as a fuel around the house, on the farm and for businesses of all kinds. Pelgas is involved with state and national propane gas associations and we are knowledgeable about new products and innovations that can help you make the most of this versatile, renewable fuel.

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