Let Pelgas Fuel your Autogas Vehicle Fleet

Is clean and efficient autogas right for you?

Did you know that globally, propane is the third most prevalent vehicle fuel behind gas and diesel? Propane as a vehicle fuel is known as autogas, and Pelgas has the propane supply and the bulk-fueling resources to fuel your autogas vehicle fleet.

We can deliver bulk quantities of propane and you can depend on Pelgas to deliver your fuel.

Autogas is a safe, efficient alternative fuel

The news is spreading about autogas, and more and more commercial fleets are converting their gas or diesel vehicles to run on propane. Check out these benefits:

  • Economical: Although there is a cost involved in converting to autogas, propane is a plentiful domestic fuel, and it has proven to be an excellent fuel value compared to gasoline or diesel.
  • Safer than gasoline: Propane is less flammable than gasoline, and the tanks used on autogas vehicles are twenty times more puncture resistant than tanks on gasoline vehicles.
  • Reliable: Propane has a great track record as a vehicle fuel. There are over 150,000 propane-powered vehicles in the U.S.
  • Environmentally responsible: Propane is cleaner than gasoline or diesel, and autogas-powered vehicles produce 11% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than gasoline versions.

Buy your autogas from Southwest Iowa’s propane supplier

Pelgas is known throughout Southwest Iowa as the go-to source for plentiful, fairly priced propane. From a local delivery company to large commercial fleets, Pelgas will keep your vehicles on the road with a steady supply of propane, and you can trust our employees for safe handling and delivery of your Autogas.

Consider converting to Autogas

More and more companies have decided to convert their vehicles to Autogas. If your business relies on vehicles, there are many reasons to consider converting your fleet. If you are curious about Autogas, please contact Pelgas today, we will be happy to explain the advantages of this clean, efficient vehicle fuel option.