Propane tank

Why Use Propane Gas for Your Southwest Iowa Farm?

More than 800,000 American farms use propane gas today, and with good reason: propane is a reliable, efficient energy source whose versatility makes is an almost perfect fuel for any farm or agribusiness. Why choose propane to power your Southwest Iowa farm? Consider these benefits: Versatility – Propane can be used to power just about anything […]

Memorial Day barbecue

Ready for Your Memorial Day Barbecue?

Memorial Day is fast approaching, unofficially kicking off the start of summer for lots of friends and neighbors in and around Southwest Iowa. If you plan to feed some of those hungry people from your propane barbecue, that’s great –just make sure you have enough propane gas to last through your holiday grill-a-thon! We can […]

Happy Earth Day

Propane: the Earth-friendly fuel for your Southwest Iowa farm

Forty-nine years ago this month, Senator Gaylord Nelson ushered in the first annual Earth Day – an event designed to inspire a new generation of ideas to preserve and protect our planet. Of course, farmers have been pretty good at that job for a while, with a whole bag of tricks for getting sustainable production […]

Propane cylinder

Propane cylinder safety reminders

Spring is on its way to Iowa, and soon it will be time to fire up the propane grill and get cooking! Just remember to handle your propane cylinders safely. Here are some reminders for how to do it: Propane cylinder handling and filling Always get your propane cylinders refilled by a qualified distributor. Propane […]

Flying heart balloon

Four reasons to love Pelgas

It’s February here in Southern Iowa, and as Valentine’s Day approaches we are thinking a lot about how much we love the work we do – and the great people we do it for. If you are looking a new propane delivery company for your home, business, or farm and you live within our Southwest […]