Bulk Propane Delivery for your Home or Business

We have all the fuel you need

As a supplier of propane to businesses of all sizes, Pelgas has the capacity and the resources to offer bulk propane delivery in Southwest Iowa. Beyond delivery, we offer convenient payment plans to help keep your fuel costs manageable. Our commercial customers include:

  • restaurants
  • district school buses
  • delivery companies
  • agricultural operations
  • construction companies
  • and many more

Agriculture »

  • Since 1947 Pelgas has supplied propane to farms.
  • Between supplying propane for corn drying, heating hog houses, tractor gas and more, farms utilize a lot of propane, which is why you want to know that the propane company you do business with can keep you supplied with a steady supply of fuel.

Fleets and transportation »

  • Because transportation businesses use more fuel, Pelgas can install a propane tank on your property and arrange for convenient automatic delivery based on your Propane Autogas needs.
  • We can supplement your propane deliveries as your needs change, and we can add to your storage capacity as your business grows.

Bulk propane for any kind of business »

Even though many businesses rely on propane for their day-to-day operations, we understand that each business is different, and we will work with you to establish a delivery program that meets your particular needs. At Pelgas, we offer competitive pricing and reliable delivery.

Please contact us today to learn more about how Pelgas can assist with your business fueling needs.

And if you heat your home with propane, feel free to contact Pelgas and ask about our bulk propane delivery services.