Convenient Bottle Refills with Pelgas

Bring your portable cylinder for a refill

If you use portable propane tanks for grills, patio heaters or other heating devices, one of our staff will happily refill your empty cylinder. While you’re there, we can also let you know if your tank requires recertification.

Transporting portable cylinders safely

  • All cylinders must be transported in an upright position after they are filled. Cylinders should not be transported lying down.
  • Do not leave a filled tank inside your car for any length of time, especially in the summer.

Read the cylinder safety brochure  or visit our propane safety tips.

Propane cylinder recertification

Generally, tanks must be in good, condition; we cannot refill tanks with excessive corrosion or other serious damage.

Your tank may require recertification. Recertifying your propane cylinder is a simple inspection process we perform to make sure your portable tank conforms to Department of Transportation (DOT) safety standards. All portable propane tanks may possibly need to be inspected for use if the tank:

  • was manufactured 12 or more years ago
  • was last certified five or more years ago
  • has any damage (dents, broken collar, etc.)

Please contact us if you have any questions about bottle refills or cylinder recertification.